Thursday, June 14, 2012

The Duck Pond

Gabe loves to go to the BYU duck pond on 8th South.When I was working and Emma would babysit him, she would take him there sometimes. Above the pond are gorgeous walkways and gardens, and a horrifically   large flight of stairs. Emma complains about the time he said he had to go potty so she picked him up and ran up the whole thing. Then he sat there for a while on the potty with nothing happening and said "I don't need to go."
We had a half a loaf of starting to mold bread. Don't you judge me! I can't eat it fast enough! So we took it to the ducks who don't mind the mold.
Quince pictures being taken in the background. Everyone looked AMAHZING
Her dress looked kind of like this but imagine poofier!

Classic Gabriel picture. Wouldn't be a photo shoot without one of these bad boys

He insisted on taking  pictures of me. I'm very photogenic, didn't you know?
Ooooo yeah.... lookin' good
Girl look at that body.... I work out.
New ducklings! We have been reading the Ugly Duckling a lot recently
so we talked a lot about that while we were here.

At the gardens up above.


  1. I must say, I just love your blonde hair, I think it is darling cute! So, looks like you guys are having fun... miss you guys.

    And PS in case you didn't get me phone message, I think the necklace is lovely! I wear it all the time, and your note made me miss you like crazy!

    We need to visit sometime!

  2. Cute pics of Gabe, and yes, you are a photographic goddess!!!